About Us

Hawaiian Corrosion Services (HCS) was established in 1997 dedicated to the design, installation, testing, and repair of cathodic protection systems in Hawaii and throughout the Pacific Basin.

HCS key personnel have over 90 years combined technical knowledge, practical experience, training and certification in corrosion control and cathodic protection. HCS prides itself in customer satisfaction and constructibility of our submittals. Our personnel respond quickly to inquiries and project related questions.

Underground Pipelines

At HCS, we work with engineers and contractors who design and install pipelines to develop cathodic protection systems specific to each protect. Our corrosion protection designs are unique to the island environments and improve the reliability and integrity of the pipelines. We are able to provide ‘turnkey’ design / build services or à la carte to include design development, material procurement, system installation, testing, and certification.

Power & Water Utilities

HCS works with large-scale power generation and water treatment facilities in developing corrosion protection programs to minimize disruptions, improve reliability, and maximize design life of equipment, structures, and vessels critical to their operations.

Storage Tanks

HCS are experts in developing corrosion protection inspections for existing underground or aboveground storage tanks. We work closely with owners, operators, engineers, and contractors in designing, installing, and commissioning corrosion protection systems along with troubleshooting, testing, and servicing existing CP systems.

Operation and Maintenance

The most efficient and effective way to protect your critical infrastructure from corrosion is to identify and mitigate the problem early. A corrosion protection maintenance plan should be customized to your unique system and consider the configuration, materials, environment, and other elements to ensure the structure maintains its reliability and integrity. 

Meet the HCS Team

At Hawaiian Cathodic Services, we have over fifteen years of experience in deploying, diagnosing and maintaining cathodic protection services. We understand what it takes to create consistent and reliable CP systems across the entire Pacific Basin, and we have proven that by performing cathodic protection work in several of the Basin's most important and most populous territories and countries. Get in touch with us today to see what HCS can do for you.