Technical Training

Hawaiian Corrosion Services trains pipeline installers how to operate the Digital Low Resistance Ohm Meter (DLRO). DLRO systems are crucial to many steps of the cathodic protection process, as their measurements are integral to proper installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting in the case of faults in a given system. With proper DLRO training, and with properly-executed DLRO rentals, users can precisely and consistently measure resistances across many points in the system, leading to greater efficiency and reliability once the system is active. At HCS, we are experts in the usage and diagnostics of DLRO systems, and our vast experience with these systems and cathodic protection as a whole make us uniquely qualified to offer DLRO training.

In accordance with the Hawaii Board of Water Supply (BWS), we perform joint bond testing expertly with our supply of Megger DLRO units. in addition to testing pipeline continuity on every install. HCS has 15+ years of experience using DLROs, and we are among the most qualified in the Pacific Basin in assuring continuous and effective cathodic protection systems.