Cathodic Protection Design

HCS consists of engineers and project managers with construction backgrounds providing us with a unique focus on constructability. We are often tasked with designing corrosion protection systems in remote locations where materials and equipment can be sparse. It is critical that the entire design team has a good understanding of these limitations and experience is the best way to ensure the project meets these constraints.    

Our comprehensive design process includes meeting with the owner, operator, engineer, and or contractor to review the project and familiarize ourselves with the overall project scope. We will then complete a review of the project drawings and perform a site visit as necessary. These initial steps a critical to developing an accurate proposal and set the stage for a successful project. 

Our staff also includes CAD certified drafters and project engineers with years of experience in designing corrosion control systems.

Our Design Services generally include:

  • A design review of all project drawings, specifications, and other documents
  • Meeting with engineers, owners, contractors, and others pertinent to the project
  • Performing a site visit as necessary
  • Proposal development
  • Pre-Analysis and Engineering
  • Project Design
  • Drafting Services
  • Compliance with Project and Industry Specific Regulations
  • Value-added Options