Cathodic Protection Field Services

Hawaiian Corrosion Services offers cathodic protection maintenance services for the purpose of the detection, diagnosis, and prevention of corrosion. We focus on developing corrosion protection systems able to combat the harsh island environments and in consideration of other challenges unique to the islands.

Our cathodic protection FIELD services include:

  • CP System Troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive System Testing & Analysis
  • Electrical Continuity / Isolation Testing
  • Current Demand Testing
  • Close-Interval Surveys
  • CP System Inspection & Certification
  • System Commissioning 
  • Compliance with Industry Specific Regulations

Other related services include:

  • Soil / Water Corrosivity Analysis
  • Pin Brazing
  • Material Selection
  • AC Testing & Mitigation
  • Ongoing System Monitoring / Annual Surveys
  • Corrosion Rate Analysis
  • Alternative Powered Impressed Current Systems