Corrosion Control Programs

Hawaiian Corrosion Services offers services to include the detection, diagnosis, and prevention of corrosion. We have worked on projects around the world protecting everything from window wells to wind farms, storage tanks to sea walls, and pipelines to power plants.

HCS is not a “Drill-and-Fill” company. We combine a no-hassle design and installation phase with point accountability on the performance of the installed systems. Fragmenting these services can result in situations where substandard performance results in disputes between the different service providers on the cause and responsibility of the system.

Close Interval Surveys

HCS has completed thousands of miles of Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) across the United States and beyond. These surveys are carried out to provide a profile of the potential level along the length of a metallic structure. The profile can include both 'On' and instantaneous 'Off' potentials to assess the Cathodic Protection performance. This survey procedure can also be used to identify areas affected by interference. We can obtain other information during these surveys to include:

  • Sub-meter Centerline Locating
  • Depth-of-Cover
  • Condition Assessment & Identification
  • Installation of Marking Devices.

Construction Services

HCS provides fully trained construction crews to install all types of cathodic protection systems around the world. The installations are completed under the direction of a registered Professional Engineer and NACE International Cathodic Protection Specialist. Our construction team has the expertise to complete all phases of the installation from drawing and material review to wire termination, testing, and commissioning.

Safety is the primary concern for all projects and runs parallel with the design, installation, testing and commissioning. We demand responsibility of our employees and contractors for the health and safety of self and others at work and beyond.

Construction Services Equipment

HCS continues to invest in the highest quality and latest generation of specialized testing and installation equipment necessary to properly install and diagnose effective operation. Mandatory participation in certification and continuing education courses ensure that our crew is proficient in the operation and maintenance of the various equipment used in the field. HCS shows up on time and ready to work- downtime is simply not an option.

Vacuum Installation

HCS offers vacuum excavation services to substantially lower the risk of personal injury to the operator and damage to underground utilities. Excavation shoring is not required because test leads an / or anode lead wires can be attached to the structure from the surface. Vacuum excavation services are non-conductive, do not damage underground utilities and simply dig faster than water!

HCS has located buried infrastructure and installed test leads and anodes at:

  • Fuel Facilities
  • Power Plants
  • Congest Right-of-Ways
  • Limited Access Areas
  • Compressor stations
  • Reclamation Sites
  • Other areas where the location of buried utilities are unknown